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This is Caltech's list of active official clubs:


Academic and Professional

Caltech Biotechnology Club

Contacts: Jessica Mao (MC 114-96) and Deepshikha Datta (MC 139-74)

The Caltech Biotech Club is a non-profit student organization that was started with the objective of providing a bridge between the members of the Caltech community interested in biotechnology and those who are actively involved in the industry. The focus of the club is to establish a forum for Caltech students and researchers to explore the world of biotech/pharma together with the help of experienced individuals.

Caltech Consulting Club

The Caltech Consulting Club is an organization that brings together Caltech community members interested in consulting careers. Our club seeks to establish Caltech as a source of world-class business consultants through promoting awareness of consulting as a career option within the Caltech community, and providing information, practical experiences, and networking opportunities with consulting firms to the student body.

Engineers for a Sustainable World @ Caltech (ESW-CIT)

ESW-CIT brings together those with interests in sustainable development,vscientific problem-solving and social entrepreneurship. Our parent organization is ESW National. The objectives of ESW-CIT are to:

  • Coordinate research and learning opportunities, including new Caltech coursework, in sustainable and socially responsible development.
  • Organize forums and workshops on working in surrounding communities. Provide opportunities for students to participate in engineering development and community service projects both in the USA and abroad.
  • Organize seminars to raise awareness of sustainable development issues and the critical role of engineers and scientists to engage in environmentally and socially responsible endeavors.

Entrepreneur Club



The Entrepreneur Club was formed in 1994 in order to educate and facilitate those who are interested in entrepreneurship and businesses in general. The club sponsors and organizes events such as speakers, workshops, and socials, and currently has over 100 members. All interested individuals are welcome to attend their events.

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

Contact: Dr. Melany Hunt (x4231)

The Society of Women Engineers is a national organization devoted to the advancement and education of women in science and engineering. There are both professional and student members. The national organization provides scholarships, a resume database, and conferences for members to attend. The Caltech section organizes many local activities (both outreach activities and on-campus activities) such as dinners with professors, Dress for Success, workshops, speakers, monthly meetings and more.

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)

Contact: Ben Granett (granett@its)

Caltech SEDS exists for the sole purpose of exciting college and high school students, as well as other people, about space. It does so by having events: star parties, guest speakers, tours, and more. Currently, it's also building a Dobsonian telescope, a rail gun, and a CCD camera.

Arts and Entertainment

Ballroom Dance Club

Contact: Jay Daigle (

The Caltech Ballroom Dance Club wants to spread its enthusiasm for dance! All are welcome to attend the club's classes, dances, and outings. We teach at least two dance classes per week, some of which are taught by professional instructors.

Each series lasts anywhere between 4 to 9 weeks. Recent dances have included Modern Jive, Hustle, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, and American Ballroom. No partner is required to attend any of the classes. We also have several dance parties per term, occasional outings, and weekly impromptu social dancing on campus.

To keep abreast of ballroom and social dancing events at Caltech, subscribe to the CBDC email list.

The Caltech Ballroom Dance Team aims to promote competitive-style ballroom dancing in Caltech, Pasadena and the Los Angeles area. CBDT provides training opportunities and resources to prepare dancers to compete in dancesport competitions across the country.

We offer an array of top-amateur or professionally-taught International Ballroom classes, in addition to making accessible practice coaching sessions, and various media resources to competitive dancers.

Visit the Ballroom Team page for more information!

You can also subscribe to the Ballroom Team email list to receive updates regarding team activities.

Caltech-Occidental Concert Band

Contact: Bill Bing

Caltech-Occidental Symphony Orchestra

Contact: Allen Gross (agross@its)

Chamber Music

Contact: Delores Bing (x6198, dbing@its)

One of the many musical outlets at Tech is Caltech's chamber music program. All instrumentalists (strings, woodwinds, brass, or piano) are welcome to participate, regardless of their chamber music experience. Musicians are organized into trios, quartets, quintets, etc. Ensembles have weekly rehearsals and coaching sessions at times mutually agreeable to the members in preparation for several recitals in Dabney Lounge each school year. Among the most popular chamber music concerts are the annual Super Bowl Alternative Concert held during the big game, noon concerts with free lunch for the audience, and all-Baroque concerts. Unit credit is available under the course listing PA 31.

Chamber Singers and Choral Groups

Contact: Nancy Sulahian (x6260)

A small, auditioned mixed ensemble of sixteen voices, the Chamber Singers present costumed entertainments in December on campus, perform at Glee Club events, and present their own concert in April. Repertoire covers a wide variety of choral works, from Renaissance madrigals through modern classical and jazz arrangements. Membership is open only to students and includes eight women and eight men. There is one rehearsal per week (W 6-7).

Caltech's Music Program includes three choral organizations: Women's Glee Club, Men's Glee Club, and Chamber Singers. Auditions for these ensembles are held on Sunday and Monday the first week of classes. All are welcome to join the Glee Clubs, regardless of previous experience. Chamber Singers are by audition only. All the organizations perform regularly on campus and in the community as well.

Dance Troupe

The Caltech Dance Troupe supports all forms of dance in the Caltech community. We generally offer beginner and intermediate level classes in styles such as ballet, hip hop, modern, and belly dancing. We also offer periodic workshops in other styles. Troupe members have participated in performances at Caltech and University of Southern California. We are also involved in the organization of the Caltech Dance Show in the spring. Members are also allowed to participate in dance classes and performances at USC's School of Theater.

EXPLiCIT - Extracurricular Players at Caltech


Current officers: Meg Rosenburg, Kimberly Becker, Mark David Goldberg, Christina Kondos, Garrett Lewis

We are a student- and community-run organization dedicated to promoting theatre at Caltech, providing ancillary support to TACIT, and producing independent performances. We put up one mainstage show per year, during the Spring quarter, and help with TACIT's mainstage shows during the Fall and Winter. In Spring, 2010, we produced the hit musical, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!. Our 2011 pick will be decided at our play selection meeting in November. All members of EXPLiCIT are eligible to vote for the spring show; to become a member, one must have participated in a production (TACIT or EXPLiCIT) within the past year, and attend our quarterly general body meetings.

Folk Music Society

Contact: Rex Mayreis


A loosely-knit group of people who love to hear live acoustic music, The Caltech Folk Music Society sponsors about six concerts a year. The concerts feature very talented and diverse musicians, ranging from bluegrass to Celtic, singer/songwriters to harpists or guitarists, and a whole lot more. Some are local talent, others are from around the world. They also publish a bi-monthly calendar of Southern California folk music events. Students receive reduced prices to concerts. Those who volunteer to help set up for concerts or help with other tasks, get in free.

Guitar Class

Contact: Darryl Denning, Lecturer in Guitar (x2923, ddenning@its)

Beginning, intermediate and advanced guitar classes are offered. Classical and flamenco repertoires are explored, but techniques transfer to other styles of guitar. The beginning class includes a folk/jazz chord system and some folk music. The intermediate and advanced classes concentrate on sight reading, and explore the standard repertoire for the classical guitar, as well as some flamenco. Classes are free to Caltech students and other members of the Caltech community (space permitting). Mr. Denning has an international background in performing, recording and teaching (two of his CDs are available in the Caltech Bookstore).

Salsa Club

Contact:Ross Fu (

Spice up your life with salsa! The Salsa Club is a great way to become involved in LA's vibrant salsa scene. The club offers introductory lessons, advanced classes, organized practice sessions, and opportunities to dance at Latin parties, concerts and clubs. In addition to the fundamentals of traditional partner dancing, the club affords the rare opportunity to learn Rueda. In this dance, couples gather in a circle, forming a "casino wheel" (rueda de casino), dancing in a dynamic formation involving frequent partner exchanges and coordinated movements. Everybody is welcome in this fun, active club.

Tango Club

Contact: Rosalyn Sayaman (

Caltech Tango Club is part of the Caltech Ballroom Dance Club, and was founded in 2004 under the guiding principles of Project Tango's grassroots community building. Our mission is to build an open & vibrant tango campus community at Caltech and help establish a strong tango university network in the Los Angeles area, and across the country. Caltech Tango Club offers a progressive, year-long series of classes and special workshops throughout the year with some of the best teachers from Buenos Aires and around the world, and hosts one of the largest tango dance parties in the Los Angeles area on the 3rd Friday of every month. Experience our All-Night Milongas... and find yourself in a tango embrace from the wee hours of night until dawn, and enjoying sundaes early in the morning!

To receive announcements regarding all Caltech Tango Club hosted events, including classes, workshops, practicas and the all-night milongas, please subscribe to our email list.

Theater Arts at Caltech (TACIT)

Contacts: Brian Brophy (brophy@caltech) (x3696)

TACIT welcomes participation from graduate students, undergrads, faculty, staff, alumni, JPLers, and members of the Caltech Community. Theater Arts and Performance has been around since 1897 with the Gnome Club and is going strong under the faculty driven efforts of Director Brian Brophy. This group produces two-three shows a year, typically one each term. They welcome actors, stage hands, set constructors, technical crew, and anyone who has a love or interest in the theatre and performance (and it's a great way to develop your presentation skills). Credit is available by registering for PA 40abc. Rehearsals are held evenings and weekends. Open auditions are typically held near term end for the following term's production. The 2009-2010 season included the Czech play Rossum's Universal Robots by Karel Capcek, a newly commissioned play on rocket scientist and black magic occultist John Whiteside Parsons and the musical I Love You You're Perfect Now Change with the student driven wing of TACIT.



The Totem is an annual literary magazine which serves as a venue for poetry, short stories, compositions, photographs, and artwork by members of the Caltech community. The submission deadline generally falls near the beginning of third term, and the magazine is printed and distributed shortly before the end of third term in June.

Cultural and Ethnic

Association of Caltech Taiwanese (ACT)

Contact: Chun-Yang Chen (

Association of Caltech Taiwanese (ACT) is a nonprofit/nonpolitical organization. ACT organizes various cultural events and social activities in order to enrich the life of Taiwanese students and postdoctoral fellows, introduce Taiwanese culture to the Caltech community, and enhance interaction and communication among students from Taiwan and those from around the world. The club encourages those who love or would like to know more about Taiwanese languages and culture to join them.

Black Ladies Association of Caltech (BLAC)

Contact: Amy McCarthy ( )

Black Ladies Association of Caltech (BLAC) is to augment the presence and the impact of Black women in science and technology.

Caltech Chinese Association (Caltech C)

The Caltech C (Caltech Chinese Association) is a prominent and active student organization at the California Institute of Technology since 1985. We have served generations of Chinese budding scientists at Caltech/JPL while promoting interaction and cultural exchange in the community at large. As an independent, non-profit, non-political organization, we are proud to serve over 800 students, faculty, staff, post-docs and alumni as Caltech's largest and most active club for many years running. Our activities serve a two-fold purpose: first, create a warm atmosphere and a home for the large number of students/post-docs from China; and second, increase campus-wide awareness of Chinese and Asian culture and to promote cross-cultural understanding and friendship. Our members proudly call us their “home away from home”.

The current contact info can be found at

Membership is free and you can join here:

Caltech Latino Association of Student Engineers and Scientists (CLASES)

Contact: Patricio Vela (x3088)

CLASES is a Latino organization dedicated to the development of the minority community culturally, academically, and professionally. Additionally, CLASES works in conjunction with NSBE to provide diversity to the campus. As an affiliate of SHPE, their students have access to national conferences and leadership workshops which aid in accomplishing their goals. CLASES also reaches out to the local Caltech minority community by providing tutors to the children of the minority staff. In addition, CLASES plans to expand into the local community with a summer program aimed at promoting minorities into science and engineering.

Caltech Russian Club

Contact: Tim Piatenko, (x8379, timoha@its)

The Caltech Russian Club represents the Russian speaking community at Caltech. It serves to promote better understanding and friendship between Russian-speaking people and other members of the Caltech community. One major aim of the club is to help the newcomers adjust to this new environment and soften the "culture shock". The Caltech Russian Club is open to the entire Caltech community.

Club Latino

Contact: Jose L. Mendoza-Cortes (

Caltech's Club Latino is an eclectic, non-political, campus organization dedicated to sharing the richness and diversity of the Hispanic cultures with the Caltech community. Club Latino is a GSC club governed by the GSC Bylaws and is open to all members of the Caltech community. Semana Latina, organized by CLASES and Club Latino, is one of the most popular events held on the Caltech campus. Held during the first or second week of May, Semana Latina brings the community a taste of the different aspects of the Hispanic culture.

Francophile Club

Contact: Sebastien Leprince (

The Francophile Club is open to anybody who likes hearing French, wants to learn about French culture or interact in a French speaking environment. The Club presents French movies on a regular basis, in an attempt to bring recent French cinema to the United States. The movies always have English subtitles. They also organize wine and cheese tasting parties.

Friends of Iranian Culture at California Institute of Technology (FICCIT)

FICCIT is a new Club in Caltech family, devoted to friends of Iranian culture and is open to all members of the Caltech community who are interested in the rich cultural heritage of one of the ancient civilizations of the world, regardless of their political, religious, ethnic and ideological differences. FICCIT sponsors several cultural events during the year such as Nowrooz and Mehregan, and presents Iranian movies to introduce modern Iranian films to community members.


Contact: Pranjal Trivedi (x4001, pranjal@its)

The activities of OASIS, the Organization of the Associated Students from the Indian Subcontinent, focus on popularizing the rich and diverse culture of the Indian Subcontinent as well as on providing a social environment for the numerous students and scholars who are either part of or interested in the heritage of this part of Asia. Activities include Indian style parties and outings to California landmarks and Indian festivals. OASIS usually carries out one big social event per term, featuring original Indian cuisine and a movie screening. The selection includes both popular films and quality non-mainstream motion pictures. Members are undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, JPL scientists and their families. The club also has a number of American and international students who, despite the fact they do not originate from the Indian Subcontinent, are interested in its unique culture. OASIS events are open to the entire Caltech community.

Hobbies and Crafts

Caltech Amateur Radio Club (CITARC)

Contacts: Paul Gordon (, William Bridges (W6FA@its), and David Rutledge (

The Caltech Amateur Radio Club is one of the oldest organizations on campus at Caltech. It was founded in 1919 with the advent of amateur radio and continues as one of the strongest student organizations on campus today. They have approximately 75 licensed members coming from the graduate and undergraduate student bodies, faculty, staff, alumni, retirees of the Institute and JPL staff, and community members. They maintain a state of the art amateur radio station in Winnett Student Center on campus as well as a 440 MHz FM repeater and autopatch. They have many activities and contests throughout the year for members to participate in as well as use of the station. Use of the station is limited to licensed members, but all are welcome to join the club.

Caltech Anime Society

Contacts: Will Wajert (lobo1313@its) and Merc Chasman (merc@its)

The Caltech Anime Society meets every Friday and Saturday during the term at 7pm in SAC 13. They show approximately four hours of Japanese animation ranging from the hilariously silly to the highly philosophical. Showings are free to the public and people may drop in at any time. They also maintain an extensive club library of tapes for paying club members to borrow.

Caltech Electric Vehicle Club (CEVC)

Contact: Vikram Dendi (

The CEVC is an electric-vehicle users group. They presently own four electric vehicles, (all converted: a '92 Toyota Paseo, an '86 Ford Tempo, a Honda Civic wagon, and an in-progress Geo Metro) which are available for use by the club members. Their goal is to educate interested members of the Caltech Community about electric vehicles through first-hand experience with them. The CEVC also presents alternative transportation information at various events during the year, presents informational talks about the design, construction, and politics of electric vehicles, and is experimenting with some hands-on electric vehicle engineering including an experimental drivetrain with regenerative braking capabilities.

Caltech Quiz Bowl

Contact: Jordan Boyd-Graber (x1671,

You enjoy watching Jeopardy. You're good at Trivial Pursuit. Maybe you played academic "quiz games with buzzers in high school. Now it's time to take your skills to the next level with the Caltech Quiz Bowl team! The Caltech Quiz Bowl team meets every week to have fun outmatching one another on questions about history, science, literature, art, sports, geography, etc. About eight times a year they send teams to compete against other schools. Caltech teams and players have ranked in the top ten at the national NAQT tournament for the past two years, but we need new blood to stay strong - new players are always welcome. Please send an email with "subscribe qb" to majordomo@its to get on our mailing list, which announces practices and upcoming tournaments or visit our website.


Contact: Aaron Esser-Kahn (apekay@its)

SPECTRE, the Caltech Science Fiction Club, has a free lending library of 3000 fantasy and science fiction titles located in Room 36 of the Student Activities Center. They also invite science fiction authors to speak on campus, show fantasy and science fiction movies, and sponsor trips to science fiction conventions, bookstores, and first-run movies.

Strong Ale Club


Joel Schmidt (

Brett McGuire (

Brandon Carroll (

The Caltech Strong Ale Club exists to spread the good word about home and craft brewing, and to share with the entire graduate student body our knowledge of the large variety of premium, unique beers readily available in the area. Anyone who drinks beer can undoubtedly enjoy the club, but the art of beer goes beyond consumption and into the craft of brewing itself. It is a complex science with limitless room for creativity and we want to share our appreciation and construction of over-the-top beer styles with the larger Caltech community.

Student Shop


Contact: Tim Lesko (x4818, lesko@its)

A wood and metalworking machine shop open to all members of the Caltech and JPL community. The shop, which has existed in one form or another throughout much of Caltech's history, is maintained by a volunteer committee and through the charitable efforts of its members. The shop is open to members 24 hours a day all year. Memberships are $5 per month and are always sold for the remainder of the academic year (through Sept. 30). Memberships are discounted $10 during the first term. The shop is located near Physical Plant, behind the liquid nitrogen tank.

Yuri's Night

Contact: Carlos A. Romero Talamas (

Yuri's Night is a club that promotes Space, its exploration and development, through a world-wide yearly party that celebrates the ascent of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin to Earth orbit. The goal of the club is to organize and coordinate the world's biggest space party, on a yearly basis. The celebrations happen every April 12, but preparations start months before. The club is composed of volunteers (from both Caltech and non-Caltech members) and operates as a non-profit organization. The first party (April 12, 2001) attracted thousands of partygoers in 64 parties scattered in 29 nations, and received media coverage from organizations such as BBC, CNN, NPR and MTV among others. Yuri's night is already recognized by the United Nations Space Generation Advisory Council and receives support from several sponsors. So if you want to celebrate humanity reaching the stars and bring the world together in a huge party - join the club!


Aero Association of Caltech/Caltech Flying Team

Aero Association of Caltech/Caltech Flying Club

Contact: or David Werntz, VP (

Want to learn how to fly? Want to get a new rating on your license? Are you an active pilot? Then check out the Aero Association of Caltech. AACIT offers aircraft rental and organizes fly-outs and flying related activities. The club has seven aircraft based at the nearby El Monte Airport: a Cessna 152, 3 Cessna 172's, a Cessna 182RG, a Piper Archer, and a Piper Arrow. Instructors are also available. Club rates for aircraft and instructors are less than what the typical flying school charges. Membership is open to all members of the Caltech/JPL community. The Club organizes a BBQ every fall where members of the Caltech community can go up for a free flight. Team activities include informal flight training and representing CIT at intercollegiate flight team competitions. You do not need a pilot's license to participate. Those interested in flying are also encouraged to enroll in PA80A.

Alpine Club

Contacts: Stephen Becker (

The Caltech Alpine Club (CAC) is a student organization - welcoming all members of the Caltech community - dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of the outdoors. We sponsor a variety of events. For example, since 2004 we have hosted a sold out showing of the Banff Film Festival. Our outdoor trips include hiking, rock climbing, and ice climbing, and are open to everybody, from beginners to experts. We also have a winter mountaineering trip every year, where we teach the basics of winter mountaineering and culminate with a winter ascent of Mt. Whitney. The club maintains a mailing list where people can meet partners with whom to share their love of the outdoors. The club also regularly offers social events and slide shows with invited mountaineers. For more information, please see our website which is updated regularly.

Orienteering Club

Vicky Stevens (x3533,

The Orienteering Club is a club for people interested in the sport of orienteering - an outdoor activity combining cross-country running or hiking with navigational skills using the help of a map and a compass. We organize a car pool approximately once a month to nearby orienteering events in Southern California. Novices are very welcome to come and try their hands at this thinking sport. There are always beginner categories at each event and our members would be happy to introduce you to orienteering. There is no membership fee to join the club.

Surf and Windsurf Club

Contact: Lisa Bogue (x8739,

Caltech Surf and Windsurf club is for all the wind and wave lovers here at Caltech. We promote the use of southern California's miles of surf beaches and recreation lakes, not to mention the fair sunshine, killer waves, and fun winds! The club has various equipment for rent to its members, from surfboards to sailboards to wetsuits, and organizes outings on a regular basis, including lessons for the beginners and weekend jaunts for the advanced.

Politics, Activism, and Community Service

Active Minds at Caltech


Contact: Gloria Sheng -

Active Minds is a national organization that uses the student voice to "change the conversation about mental health on college campuses." Supporting chapters work to raise student awareness of mental health issues, fight against the stigma that is commonly associated with it, and serve as a liason between students and the mental health community. There are currently 345 chapters across the country as of June 2011.

We are starting up an Active Minds at Caltech chapter in Fall 2011. As a mental health advocacy group, we will work with Kevin Austin (Ph.D., Counseling Center) and Jennifer Levin (Ph.D., Health Education) to put on programming events that address mental health issues and illnesses.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International Group 22 is both a campus and local organization that strives to improve human rights and free prisoners of conscience worldwide. We meet on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm in the Caltech Y (414 S. Holliston Ave). We also meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM to write letters on behalf of victims of human-rights offenses in the Atheneum Rathskellar. We sponsor a human-rights book discussion group that meets at 6:30 pm on the 3rd Sunday of every month, at Vroman's Bookstore (695 E. Colorado Blvd), on the 2nd floor.

Caltech Environmental Task Force (CETF)

Contact: Dan Feldman (

CETF promotes understanding and conservation of our environment through education and environmentally responsible actions on campus. Each year here are speakers, cleanups, reform projects and a huge Earth Day Fair in April. If you are interested in the environment, send us an email and join the club.

Caltech PRISM

Caltech PRISM 'No... it doesn't stand for anything'

PRISM is Caltech's campus social group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students, staff, faculty and their straight allies. PRISM aims to increase visibility and raise awareness of LGBT issues at Caltech, support the coming out process, and organize social gatherings. Membership of this organization is not construed to imply anything about a person's sexual orientation, only that the member is supportive of a diverse community.

Caltech Science Olympiad Club

Science Olympiad club provides and organizes opportunities for members to help out with local Science Olympiad events and competitions. Science Olympiad is a nationally sponsored activity for K-12 students to compete in math, science, and engineering challenges.

Caltech Women's Club (CWC)

We are a group of women who have a connection with Caltech in common. The object of the club is to promote friendliness and the sharing of mutual interests. We are of different ages and races and nationalities and have different interests and lifestyles; some of us have been here for years and others are just here temporarily. But the Caltech Women's Club provides us all with a way of connecting. We have recently amended our constitution so that male members of the Caltech/JPL community are also eligible to join the Caltech Women's Club.

We have many activities to choose from such as Gallery Goers, Investment Club, Book Discussion Group, Garden Adventures, Stitchery, Playreaders, Let's do Lunch, Wine Tasters, and for those of you with young children there is our Preschool Playgroup and Wednesdays in the Park. We also offer services such as the babysitting co-op, baby furniture and household equipment loan pool, Caltech Architectural Tours, and our welcoming Coffees to meet our new members. We also have holiday parties at the Athenaeum and provide at least four programs during the academic year featuring speakers from many different backgrounds. Each talk is followed by lunch, tea, or dinner.

Religion and Beliefs

Caltech Christian Fellowship (CCF)

Contact: Stephanie Johnson,

The Caltech Christian Fellowship is a Christian interdenominational group that welcomes any member of the Caltech community. They believe that the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God and that people need Jesus Christ, who died and rose again to save humanity from their sins. They are committed to sharing the love of Jesus with the Caltech community by serving it as best as they can. The CCF sponsors small group Bible studies, daily prayer meetings, larger weekly meetings and social events which serve the campus community.

Caltech Hillel

Caltech Hillel is the campus Jewish student organization. We provide Jewish religious, social, and cultural services to the Jewish community on campus. Hillel is open to all members of the Caltech community, regardless of faith or any connection to Judaism.

Life Christian Fellowship

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

Contact: Bahattin Yildiz (

MSA serves to bring together the Caltech and JPL community. In addition to being a religious and social group, the MSA aims to provide a forum for the discussion of issues that are of interest to Muslims in particular and the whole Caltech community in general. They also seek to promote a better understanding of Islam throughout the whole Caltech community. MSA makes arrangements for weekly Friday prayers and holds occasional meetings.


Caltech Badminton Club


Group Email:

Contact: Mayank Raj (

Fellow badminton lovers, this is a group of advanced, intermediate and novice players from Caltech and JPL. If you are enthusiastic about badminton then we will be happy to teach you the basics. If you're wondering whether you will fit in with our group, come play with us a few times! We normally practice every week on Mon. Wed. and Fri. at the Brown Gym. We also compete in local tournaments. The Club is open to all members of the Caltech community.

Caltech Ballet Club

The Caltech Ballet Club aims to promote ballet on campus. This includes both introducing ballet to interested beginners and allowing more advanced dancers a chance to continue their training. There will also be opportunities to perform for dancers of all levels.

We have set classical ballet pieces for the Caltech Dance Show for two years. If you are interested in participating, we start rehearsal at the beginning of winter term in January.



Caltech Bike Shop

Contact bikeshop AT caltech DOT edu

The bike shop is open to all in the Caltech community who like (or need) to work on their bicycles. It provides the tools that everyone from amateurs to enthusiasts needs to keep their bikes healthy. It is located in room 39 underneath Dabney House. Membership is $10/year. We also hold classes in bike repair and lead social rides around Pasadena and Los Angeles. You can get more information at the website

Caltech Dance Troupe

The Caltech Dance Troupe provides a variety of dance classes to the Caltech community. We currently offer classes in Hip Hop and Modern. Our Hip Hop class is choreography-based and meant to be a fun experience for dancers of all skill levels. Modern focuses more on technique and developing artistic expression through contemporary dance. Each of the classes contributes a piece for the Annual Caltech Dance Show.

The rates are

$5/class or $25/term for students

$10/class or $50/term for faculty/Caltech Community

Drop-ins are always welcome!



Caltech Falun Club

Contacts: Wen Chen (x2686, wchen@its), Jianzhong Li (x4814, jli@its)

Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, is a peaceful meditation exercise and teachings based on the principle of: Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance. The exercise is extremely effective in improving health and relieving stress. Now practiced by over 100 million people from 60 countries, Falun Gong has received over 1,000 awards for its great health benefits and principle. Caltech Falun Club offers free teaching of Falun Gong to everyone in Caltech/JPL community, and maintains a daily practice site in Caltech which provides people an environment to practice with a group. We also organize series of culture events such as art performances and exhibitions, that help people understand traditional Chinese culture where Falun Gong comes from.

Caltech Mens Ultimate Frisbee

Caltech Shorinji Kempo Club

Contacts: Cynthia Collins ( and Elijah

Sansom (, 577-2661)

Shorinji Kempo is a martial art that trains both body and mind together. Through this training, one develops a strong body and an indomitable mind, building a self-reliant individual capable of living as a positive force in this world. Shorinji Kempo aims to build a better society by developing as many people as possible, who can become self-reliant by training both their mind and body together, and who can act seeking not only their own happiness, but also the happiness of others. Shorinji Kempo techniques are based on dynamics and physiology to enable the weaker to control the stronger. The techniques are based on natural body movements, and anyone, regardless of sex and age, can practice these techniques. Shorinji Kempo combines hard techniques (punches, kicks and strikes) with soft techniques (releases, throws, twists and pins) to complement each other. There is no competition in Shorinji Kempo. Practice is conducted in pairs, with one partner being the defender and the other the attacker, and changing these roles. The aim is not to find out which of the two wins, but rather to improve techniques through cooperation.

Caltech Shotokan Karate Club


Stephanie Tsuei (

Christopher Finch (

Robert Johnson (

Founded in 1957 by Mr. Tsutomu Ohshima, the Caltech Karate Club is the oldest university Karate club outside of Japan. The Caltech Karate Club establishes a direct lineage to Master Gichin Funakoshi, the father of modern Karate. Learn to develop physical and mental strength, concentration, discipline and confidence through the study of Karate. You may find Karate training to be the most rewarding experience of student life at Caltech. Beginners are welcome! Practices are on Monday and Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings.

Caltech Womens Ultimate Frisbee Club

Contact: Sarah Payne (payne@its, x6313)

We're here to promote the awesome sport of ultimate frisbee and provide a club team for women to compete against other college women's teams. Any woman affiliated with Caltech is welcome to join us: undergrads, grads, post-docs, faculty, staff and others. We'll have our practice times and locations posted on our website. We love beginners and no experience at all is expected to come out and join us, we'll teach you everything. It's a great, fun, way to get some exercise, and for the competitive we're shooting to take a team to compete in the Ultimate Players Association's college series tournament, which has a sectional, regional and national level. Plus, we'll go to other practices and fun tournaments, some co-ed, some just women. We also hold parties to spread the word about ultimate.

Swim Club

Contact: Suzanne Dodd (x8098,

Caltech Masters Swim Club is a group of about 30 active members, although the club roster officially numbers over 100. We have members from both within and outside the Caltech community. Anyone who can swim a few laps can join the club; we have members of all fitness and ability levels, from those who swim just for fun, to people who swim to stay in shape, to people who compete in ocean swims, ultra runs, or Masters swim meets. The regulars and longtime veterans of the team have developed into a fairly close-knit bunch but we have lost several people to new jobs, graduation, moving, etc., in the past year and could really use some fresh faces.

Tang-Soo-Do Club

Contact: Ricardo Hassan (405-1015,

Caltech Tang Soo Do is a martial arts club and class that is open to all skill levels, from novice to expert. Everyone is welcome! Come visit anytime! The techniques taught in class are traditional in nature, with additional emphasis on effectively dealing with self-defense situations. Tang Soo Do is a well rounded Korean martial arts style. Items that are taught in the class include open hand forms, staff forms, grappling type self defense, basic hand and foot techniques, and much more. Their style is characterized by graceful and dramatic kick techniques as well as effective hand techniques. By training in Tang Soo Do, you will gain flexibility, balance, endurance, strength, self-confidence, range of motion, and more. It's a fun and challenging way to get into shape and it's also a good way to meet others in the Caltech and JPL community.