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This section is sort of a catch-all, if we can think of enough content for it.

Advice from Current Grad Students

  • Talk to many advisers before finally deciding on your research group.
  • Listen to the experiences of current students in the research groups that you are considering.
  • Choose an adviser whose personality matches well with your own.
  • Make friends outside of your department (Orientation week and social events are great opportunities).
  • Especially during your first year at Caltech, make sure to take time for yourself to decompress and engage in activities outside of school work.
  • As a graduated student, you are eligible to play varsity sports at Caltech as long as you didn't play at your undergraduate institution.
  • If considering living off-campus at some point, get on the Caltech off-campus housing list as soon as possible.
  • Take advantage of the extracurricular activities on campus, for example activities and groups within the Diversity Center, the Caltech Y, intramural sports, and campus clubs.


  • Caltech students and staff are eligible to create accounts at the Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union, which has a branch on Wilson between California and San Pasqual.
  • If you are dealing with particular financial hardships, contact the Graduate Office in the Center for Student Services (CSS) for support.

Resources at Caltech

If you need someone to talk to, your confidential resources in the Diversity Center are

  • Portia Harris:, (626) 395-5772
  • Taso Dimitriadis:, (626) 395-8108

Your Title XI coordinator is

  • Felicia Hunt:, (626) 395-3132

Your Counseling Center staff are:

Other Diversity Center support:

Note: Appointments at the Counseling Center and Health Center are free to Caltech students.

Career Search


CHAT (Career Help - Ask a Techer)! Did you know there is a group of Caltech Alumni waiting to answer your questions about how they found work in their chosen profession, what skills are needed to perform their job, provide insights into the companies they work for, and more? Sign up for the Caltech Alumni Advisors Network to get advice about your career paths, resume and cover letter reviews, mock interviews, applying for fellowships, and more!

Caltech Alumni Advisors Website

Caltech Alumni LinkedIn Group

Caltech Alumni Facebook Page


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